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The Western Tower

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About us and our activity

Welcome to the homepage of Western Tower History Club. We are located in Kaliningrad, the head of the European territory of the Russian Federation at the Baltic Sea.

The club is dealing with the reconstruction of the Teutonic Order in XIII - XIV centuries. The subject of historical reproduction is Komturia of Natangia, to be more precise, the castle of Balga that is the first fortress of the Order in Prussia. The ruins of the castle may still be seen, they dominate the steep bank of the Vislinsky gulf.

The role-play games admirers were at the clubТs heart at the early beginning of its formation. The Western Tower History Club was originally formed during 1998 to allow those who have a serious interest in Teutonic Order History to be able to interact with each other and share their knowledge, research, theories, photographs and general enthusiasm for historical reconstruction.

Not limited to history majors, the club is dedicated to promoting historical awareness and to establishing a spirit of comradery amongst members. The home page is designed to promote club events and to provide an index of web resources of historical interest. It is designed to be an extension of the History Club and its mission to the community. Although the contents of the Club Web Site, is in the process of being changed to give a wider variety, it does rely heavily on memberТs input and participation. Today the Club numbers a total of some 20 members.

Primary orientations of our activity are:

  • historical fencing and fighting Ц we use replicas of medieval weapons and armours;
  • historical reconstruction Ц we replicate genuine armours, clothes, accessories, etc.

    Moreover weТd like to draw your attention to the fact that we do our utmost to use authentic materials and technologies while replicating armours, clothes and household goods. You can examine the samples in our gallery (see below).

    As sometimes having a passionate interest in a particular subject can be a bit СremoteТ and heavy going on your own, we do hope you will consider joining us as, communicating with others with similar interest, can make your passion much more enjoyable. Anyway if you are interested in any cooperation, we are willing to receive offers via this email (use English, please).

    The Western Tower is often taking part in different historical fests and fencing tournaments in Russia, Poland and Byelorussia.

    If you feel likely to invite our club to some fest or tournament of yours please feel free to contact us. We will consider any proposal of interest with pleasure!

    You may observe photos from different fests and tournaments here:

  • Kaliningrad Day 2002 (Russia, Kaliningrad)
  • Grunwald 2002 (Poland)
  • Insterburg 2002 (Russia, Cherniahovsk)
  • Bismark Tower Trip (Russia, near Cherniahovsk)
  • Our ordinary training (Russia, Kaliningrad)
  • The White Castle (The big historical fest in Minsk, Byelorussia)
  • The local tournament (Russia, Kaliningrad)
  • Kaliningrad Day 2003 (Russia, Kaliningrad)

  • Administration by Hans Trinnker & MNE
    ©"The Western Tower", 2003, all rights reserved

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